About Us

Ballistic Shooting Supplies
Owned and operated by Mark and Daya, Ballistic Shooting Supplies has been in business since January 2009.

Our Goals and Objectives
The goals and objectives of Ballistic Shooting Supplies are simple, to offer a range of shooting supplies to the shooting community at an affordable price. We hope that in assisting with this, everyone will be able to afford to shoot and new shooters will find it more affordable to enter the Sports Shooting World.

What We Shoot
IPSC Handgun
Whilst all aspects of shooting are their passion Mark and Daya are sporting shooters within the IPSC Discipline. Mark and Daya are active members of Adelaide University Regiment Rifle and Pistol Club and SSAA Para.

IPSC Rifle, Hunting and general target shooting

IPSC Shotgun and Hunting

Where We Have Shot
Bushranger Shoot
2009 was the first year Mark and Daya entered the Bushranger Shoot, located just outside of Pt Augusta the 3 gun event spaned 2 days with 3 rifle, 3 shotgun and 5 handgun stages. The shoot is based around Ned Kelly and his well known saying, "Such Is Life". The 2009 Bushranger shoot proved to be an outstanding success for Mark and Daya. Well done to those involved in the organisation and execution of the shoot, it was well worth the trip!

Following the 2009 Bushranger Shoot, thinking that shoot could not be toped, Spencer Gulf Pistol Club riped out the 2010 Bushranger Shoot and it was fantastic. You can not top being in a rural location, a bush setting, gerat people and great competition. A huge Congratulations to Michael and the team that put the shoot together Check it out at www.sgsc.asn.au

  • 2012 Bushranger Shoot - Three Gun Champion - Mark Tonellato!!!
  • 2012 Nationals - Blacktown Sydney
  • 2011 Nationals - Little River Victoria
  • 2010 Nationals - Shot at Pine Valley Pistol Club, Perth. What a fantastic range..